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We opened our new service location in Atlanta, GA as our second location from many to come! Despite the challenges of the pandemic we were driven to make this happen and the support of our valuable customers kept us going and made it possible.

At Flowers by Impressions, we are passionate about making your wedding day uniquely beautiful with our exceptional floral arrangements. Our expertise in wedding florist services and event floral designs ensures that each piece is crafted with meticulous care to enhance your special day.

We tailor every design to reflect your individual style and vision, whether you desire a classic, modern, boho or whimsically styled wedding. Our award-winning team customizes each request, going above and beyond to transform your vision into reality while creating extraordinary experiences for you and your guests.

Not only are we experts in wedding florals, but our floral decorations for social events consistently amaze our clients. Whether it's a party, gala, corporate function, or any event you can imagine, we bring the highest level of creativity and quality to the table. Our award-winning team customizes each request based on personal vision and go above and beyond to bring that vision to life while providing extraordinary experiences. Our decorations are designed to make every event Instagram-worthy and unforgettable.

We commit to the highest quality by sourcing all our flowers locally. This ensures that the flowers are not only fresh but also last longer, adding enduring beauty to your events. While our main office in Lilburn, GA is currently not open for in-store shopping, we offer all the same services by appointment only, ensuring personalized attention to every detail.

Thank you for your continuous support! Please reach out to us and let us make your wedding or event not just beautiful, but one of a kind with our stunning floral arrangements. We are ready to help make your celebration spectacular and memorable.

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Our Services

From the heart of Atlanta, GA, we are proud to offer the following services:

Personal Floral Arrangements:

Bridal Bouquets

A collage of bridal florals showcasing various wedding bouquets and a couple's intimate moment.

Many brides believe that when it comes to creating a bridal look to remember, their bouquet is equally as significant as their wedding dress. Because of this, we work closely with each bride to design bridal florals that exactly match their unique style.

Choosing the right bouquet is a big part of every bride’s special day. It's not just about the flowers themselves, but how they complement the bride's dress, personality, and wedding theme. Our florists are experts in helping brides pick the right colors, types of flowers, and arrangements to make everything look perfect. Whether you love bridal bouquets with peonies, enjoy the bright touch of bridal bouquets with sunflower, or just love the natural beauty of bridal bouquets real flowers, we can create a bouquet that’s just right for you. We're full of bridal flower bouquets ideas that will inspire and delight you.

Plus, we make sure that every bouquet is fresh and vibrant, so it looks amazing from the walk down the aisle until the last dance. Let us help make your wedding day unforgettable with a beautiful bridal bouquet that’s crafted just for you.

Boutonnieres & Corsages

Grooms, groomsmen, ring bearers, and close family often wear personalized boutonnieres. These small but stylish floral decorations pin to the lapel of a jacket and are a great way for the men in the wedding to carry a piece of the wedding's floral theme with them. Corsages are also common wedding ceremony flowers worn around the wrist. Corsages are typically reserved for the mothers and grandmothers in both families, honoring their special role in the event.

Boutonnieres and corsages add a touch of elegance and are carefully designed to complement the wedding’s overall colors and flowers. They can vary widely in style, from simple and classic to bold and modern, depending on the wedding's theme. Our options include white corsage and boutonniere, red corsage and boutonniere, blue corsage and boutonniere, pink corsage and boutonniere, and purple corsage and boutonniere and many more. Each piece, crafted from real flower corsage and boutonniere selections, ensures that your wedding corsage and boutonniere look perfect.

Our florists work closely with each family to ensure these pieces are perfectly suited to the style of the ceremony and the individuals wearing them. These floral accessories are not just decorations but are cherished keepsakes that mark the celebration of love and family.

A collage showcasing a variety of boutonnieres and corsages designed for weddings.

Flower Crowns and Hairpieces

We believe that flower crowns and hairpieces are the perfect way to add a touch of natural beauty and whimsy to any bridal look. Our custom-designed floral hairpieces range from subtle accents to bold statement pieces, each tailored to complement the bride's personal style and the overall wedding theme. Whether you're dreaming of a delicate crown of baby's breath or a vibrant arrangement of wildflowers, we craft each piece with fresh, high-quality blooms that ensure you look stunning throughout your special day. These floral accessories are not just for brides; bridesmaids and flower girls can also adorn themselves with these beautiful creations, enhancing the cohesive aesthetic of your wedding party. Let us help you create a magical and memorable floral accent for your wedding day.

Bridal Party, Ceremony and Reception Flowers

We love helping make your wedding day beautiful with flowers everywhere! From the bridal party to the ceremony and then the reception, our florals add a special touch to every part of your celebration.

From the moment your guests arrive to the time they leave, our bridal party, ceremony and reception flowers will create the perfect backdrop for your celebration. Our designs range from elegant and sophisticated to wild and whimsical and boho, tailored to reflect your unique vision and enhance the beauty of your venue. Whether it's the delicate petals that line the aisle, the lush arrangements that adorn the altar, or the stunning centerpieces that captivate your guests at the reception, each piece is thoughtfully designed to contribute to the magic of your special day.

Let us transform your wedding venue with florals that speak volumes about your style and love story.

A collage showcasing diverse bridal party flowers with bridesmaids and groomsmen at various wedding settings.

Bridal Party Flowers

Traditionally, bridal party members are made up of only women. However, as more and more couples are choosing to do things in their own way, the bride is no longer confined to choosing just women to be in her support crew. Let us help you make the most of it! At Flowers by Impressions, we cater to all modern bridal parties, crafting floral arrangements that celebrate each member's unique role, regardless of gender. Our designs include elegant bridesmaids’ bouquets, stylish boutonnieres for groomsmen, charming corsages, whimsical flower girl petals, and even chic hair flowers for anyone in the bridal party. Let our flowers reflect the diverse and inclusive spirit of your celebration, ensuring everyone feels part of your special day.

Wedding ceremony flowers displayed in various setups, showcasing the versatility and elegance of wedding floral arrangements.

Wedding Ceremony Flowers

If you’re looking to create a wow-worthy setting for your vows, wedding altar flower arrangements are a great option. From small bouquets and oversized arrangements hanging above the altar, to a floral-covered wall and everything in between, we cover it all. At Flowers by Impressions, we also offer beautifully decorated columns, rental arches with drapery and side floral accents, and arches adorned with small floral touches or crystal garlands. Enhance your aisle with elegant markers, lanterns, and rose petals, and don't forget the floral arrangements for the sign-in table or buffet. Our expert florists will work with you to ensure every detail of your ceremony space captures the essence of your love story, making it perfect for your special day.

Wedding Reception Flowers

Wedding Reception Flowers setup with elegant floral arrangements on reception tables and a welcome sign at a wedding venue

From the welcome table to greet your guests with a beautifully arranged display, to the floral-covered entryways making your grand entrance truly spectacular, our wedding reception flowers elevate every moment. Walk down an aisle lined with a romantic runner, and consider special reserved seat floral tributes to honor loved ones who have passed. Enhance your celebration with petal tosses, and majestic floral arches, arbors, or chuppahs creating enchanting focal points. At Flowers by Impressions, we ensure that every detail from the smallest arrangement to lavish installations captures the joy and beauty of your special day, making every space memorable.

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Common Problems That Couples / Brides Might Encounter by Having DIY Wedding Flowers in Atlanta

Navigating DIY Wedding Florals in Atlanta: Challenges with DIY Wedding Centerpieces, Bridal Bouquets, and Boutonnieres

Lack of Availability:

Difficulty finding specific flower types that are in season or within budget.

Cost Overruns:

Misestimating the total cost of flowers and supplies.

Storage Issues:

Not having proper storage to keep flowers fresh before the event.

Transportation Problems:

Challenges in transporting large and delicate arrangements safely to the venue.

Time Management: Underestimating the time required to design and assemble arrangements.

Limited Design Skills:

Arrangements might not turn out as professionally designed as expected.

Weather-Related Issues:

Outdoor conditions in Atlanta might affect flower freshness and arrangement stability.

Flower Preservation:

Not knowing techniques to prolong the life of the blooms.

Inadequate Tools:

Lacking professional floristry tools which can affect the quality of arrangements.

Over-Purchasing or Under-Purchasing:

Buying too many or too few flowers and supplies.

Physical Labor:

Underestimating the physical effort needed to create and set up floral decor.

Venue Restrictions:

Overlooking venue rules that may restrict types of decor or installation methods.

Lack of Backup Plan:

Not having replacements for damaged or wilted flowers.

Coordination Difficulties:

Struggling to coordinate flower setup with other wedding activities.

Cultural Missteps:

Failing to recognize cultural significances of certain flowers.

Scaling Challenges:

Difficulty in scaling designs up from a sample size to full event needs.

Floral Knowledge Gaps:

Not knowing the meanings or best uses of certain blooms.

Technical Challenges:

Difficulty in constructing more complex arrangements like arches or hanging installations.

Last-Minute Changes:

Handling unexpected need for changes in design or setup.

Supplier Issues:

Dealing with unreliable suppliers or last-minute unavailability.

Legal Restrictions:

Not being aware of local regulations regarding plant materials.

Cleanup Requirements:

Overlooking the need for post-event floral cleanup.

Budget Misallocation:

Spending too much of the decor budget on flowers, affecting other areas.

Fading Flowers:

Flowers losing vibrancy faster than expected during the event.

Setup Time Constraints:

Venue allowing very limited time for setup.

Damage During Setup:

Accidental damage to flowers or venue during setup.

DIY Fatigue:

The stress of DIY projects taking a toll on pre-wedding enjoyment.

Inconsistent Aesthetic:

Difficulty maintaining a cohesive look across all floral elements.

Underestimating Quantity:

Not ordering enough flowers for bouquets, centerpieces, and decor.

Incorrect Sizing:

Creating pieces that don’t properly fit the spaces or tables.

Adhesive Failures:

Using incorrect methods to affix floral pieces, leading to falls or shifts.

Working with an experienced wedding florist like Flowers by Impressions offers numerous benefits, especially when navigating the complexities of wedding preparations. Our expert florists bring a wealth of knowledge about seasonal availability, ensuring that couples have access to the best flowers throughout the year, tailored to their specific aesthetic and budgetary requirements. With our expertise, Flowers by Impressions can effortlessly handle logistical challenges such as venue restrictions, delivery timing, and setup requirements, ensuring that every floral detail is perfect.

Additionally, an experienced florist like Flowers by Impressions will have strategies in place to deal with unexpected issues such as last-minute changes or weather conditions, guaranteeing that the floral arrangements remain stunning throughout the event. Our professional experience also means we can provide creative solutions for unique themes or desires, such as eco-friendly options or culturally significant flowers. Overall, choosing a seasoned florist like Flowers by Impressions not only enhances the beauty of your wedding day but also provides peace of mind, allowing you to focus on enjoying your special day!